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Jennifer and Dani-Lee are two passionate occupational therapists who have big dreams of providing affordable and accessible toys and equipment to children and their families. As therapists we use a variety of tricks and tools to assist us to achieve a calm and happy child. Acorns and Oaks is a product line that is designed to provide quality sensory input and enhance your child’s development. These products are designed to be used at home and at school. Our goal, through use of these unique products, is your child’s JOY, development and overall regulation. 


Jennifer is an established Occupational Therapist who has been working in Johannesburg for 13 years. She has tried and tested many sensory tools and has used her experience to assist her in choosing which equipment designs are best. She is available for consultation regarding any sensory or equipment questions within Johannesburg.

Dani-Lee is a Sensory Integration Certified Occupational Therapist who has relocated to London, United Kingdom. She has co-designed the equipment to ensure it meets your child's sensory needs. Dani-Lee is available for consultation over Skype for local and international clients.


Please see services.


Acorns and Oaks is not only a retail service. Both Dani-Lee and Jennifer are available to book for a consultation to assess your little ones sensory processing and to gain a better understanding of their sensory profile (Skype or in person). From this we are able to advise on products specific to your child’s sensory needs. We are also able to assist with the design of sensory spaces for home or the classroom.


Additionally, we offer design consultation to schools, to assist in making the classroom sensory smart. We aim to equip classroom spaces so that they provide full sensory learning experiences for each child. Enhancing the classroom space is crucial to establish and consolidate learning experiences.


 We offer a range of services from full classroom revamps to consultation on where to put pieces of equipment such as a hammock, a tent (quiet space), a sensory space and the best design to maximise learning. 


Some of our products include:

  • Hammocks (Comfy Cacoon)

  • Sensory Tents (Happy Hideaway)

  • Stretchy suits

  • Multi-textured beanbags (these are great in the classroom)

  • Tunnels to crawl through

  • Weighted vests and weighted teddies

  • Beanbags and cushions

  • Sensory tools (brushes/ slant boards/ wobble cushions)


For a full classroom revamp we are also able to provide different types of chairs (swivel, high, low, therapy balls); standing tables, lap desks and alternative desk designs made from sleek wood and steel.

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