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Why can't my child concentrate?

During the Covid-19 outbreak, schools have shut and families have had to adapt to homeschooling, which has been a challenge for all. I have been asked anumber of times this week during my Telehealth sessions: why can't my child concentrate?

- Remember that this isn’t just your child, all of us (adults included) are having to adapt and try make sense of this uncertain time, leaving us with residual feelings of anxiety, which influence concentration. Remember to check in with your child and talk to them about how they are feeling.

-The learning environment has changed. E.g The kitchen table has always been the place where the family eats, and now my brain needs to switch that it is my learning space- the association may be difficult. Try create a learning table with its own association just for learning and don’t use it for anything else (eating; play).

-Remember children, like adults need preparation before learning. At school they arrive, have free play, some even play outdoors. They have circle time which prepares them for their day, and THEN they start maths or English lessons. Make sure you are adding in enough preparation before a lesson: try include movement (jumping jacks); deep pressure (wall push ups) and fine motor (play dough) as well as a visual schedule- this will help them to know what to expect!

- Some of our children have specific learning needs that their teachers, one to one or the teaching assistant uses to assist with their learning- get in contact with that person and ask for help. .Some of our children have sensory processing needs so we need to ensure that those needs are being met. Is the environment too loud? Too bright? Do I have my sensory tools (weighted vest, toy, putty, pencil grip)?

- Don’t be shy to change it up- if your child is struggling sitting still in a chair at a table, using a pencil and paper- get up, move around, throw a ball, draw in shaving foam- try not be too rigid. This is a luxury that they don’t often get at school!

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