A space to quietly snooze while receiving the deep pressure I got so used to in mommy’s womb. 


The little oaks comfy cacoon should be hung from a high level such as a tree or concrete slab, as material may stretch over time. You can gently rock and calm my overstimulated sensory system. Or you can gain a bit more input, by spinning and swinging side to side, when you are  seeking movement!

The little oaks comfy cocoon

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  • DESIGNED AND TRUSTED BY OCCUPTIONAL THERAPISTS: Designed by 2 passionate sensory integration trained occupational therapists for children to access proprioceptive, vestibular and deep pressure input.


    EASY TO INSTALL: comes with 2 carabiner snap hooks. Needs to be hung in reinforced ceilings/ concrete with raw bolts or in a tree for safety.

    4-WAY STRETCH SPANDEX: Made from high quality stretch spandex material and has a soft and natural feel. Please note that the material may stretch over time with use.

    SUPPORTS SPECIAL NEEDS: recommended by Occupational Therapists for children with sensory processing difficulties/ ADHD/ Autism/ Sensory Seeking.

    SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: The hammock helps children learn, develop their proprioceptive system, body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills. You can gently rock inside the hammock, which is calming for an overstimulated/busy sensory system. You can jump/ bounce in the stretchy material which is alerting and builds body awareness and muscle tone.

  • The maximum weight capacity inside the hammock is 100 kgs. Children need to under the supervision of a trusted adult. Do not leave young children inside the spandex material unaccompanied. Ensure that the hammaock is hung from hooks in reinforced concrete/a sturdy tree/ climbing frame.