Children love to develop gross motor, body awareness, and motor planning skills by crawling through these play tunnels. The tunnels, play tents and play huts can also encourage cooperative and imaginative play.


DESIGNED AND TRUSTED BY OCCUPTIONAL THERAPISTS: designed by 2 passionate sensory intgeration trained occupational therapists for children to access proprioceptive and deep pressure input.


EASY TO USE: placed on the floor for the child to crawl through, include in obstacle courses.


4-WAY STRETCH SPANDEX: Made from high quality stretch spandex material and has a soft and natural feel. Please note that the material may stretch over time with use.


SUPPORTS SPECIAL NEEDS: recommended by Occupational Therapists for children with sensory processing difficulties/ ADHD/ Autism/ Sensory Seeking.


SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: The stretchy tunnnel helps children learn/ develop their proprioceptive system, body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills. Muscle strengthening is also gained by working childs way through the stretchy fabric and out the otherside of the tunnel! PLANNING: is enhanced as the child can create obstacle courses including the stretchy tunnel, discover new ways to use your body as your crawl through backwards, forwards, or squirming on tummy.

The little oaks discovery tunnel

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  • When I crawl I strengthen my shoulder and hip girdle, developing my proximal stability needed for gross and fine motor development. I love crawling, it’s fun and imaginative, and I get deep pressure through my joints! Crawling through stretchy fabric sends a message to my brain about where all of my body parts are. Dark spaces makes me feel calm, soothed and settled. The bilateral work of crawling is so good for my brain! Additionally, they are a great way to provide their bodies with the proprioceptive input (input to muscles and joints) they crave as energetic and active children.

  • Must be used under the supervision of an adult. An adult should hold one side of the tunnel to assist the child in crawling through. Should the child feel 'trapped' or frightened in the spandex, please assist the child to safely climb out quickly. To be used on the floor for safety.